Yesterday (2019) review: we watched the premiere in Curitiba

By Pilar Browne

Yesterday (2019) ★★☆☆☆

It's not about The Beatles.” I believe this sentence would have made a huge difference in the expectation over the movie "Yesterday", which we were invited to watch the premiere yesterday (no pun intended), August 26, in Curitiba. It is hard to say that the movie is not good, considering the soundtrack is flawless, but the script lacks merit.

The story is about a young and aspiring musician, Jack Malik (Himash Patel), who after a worldwide blackout finds himself facing a world where no one remembers The Beatles. After that, he takes on a mission of bringing the British quartet songs back to life. In this scenario, where no one has ever heard the classics that influenced generations, Jack sees it as an opportunity to take off his frustrated music career and become famous by The Beatles' songs.

This brief summary is the main idea of all the teasers and trailers of the feature, but as the movie goes by, it gets lost in the particular universe of characters and takes on a romantic comedy role that has nothing to do with what we were expecting. What previously caught our attention became the background to the main character's romance with her old childhood friend Ellie (Lily James). A good idea but poorly executed.

The impression is that the writer did not know how to finalize the film and from its half, the plot is completely lost in the love story. This has never been announced to us, which breaks the expectations of the audience. The story takes on a new rhythm and our interest is also minimized.

If we look at it from the perspective of romantic comedies, there is nothing wrong. The main problem with "Yesterday" is that there is a break of expectations in what the movie promised in all its previews: music as the main character. Other films dealt with music and also brought the love and personal stories of the characters, without abandoning the reason that led fans to the movies, such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen) and “Rocket” (Elton John). On the other hand, other productions since the beginning make it clear the intention to tell a love story in the foreground, but at the same time bringing the musical elements as components – such as in “Across the Universe”, which also has The Beatles as the soundtrack.

Far from meeting the expectations set or being able to pay tribute to the iconic British group, watch it with the consciousness that it is a romantic comedy. It will make everything just a nothing memorable, nonetheless a good fun.