Sharing experiences at Conversation Club

Last Tuesday (3), we had a special guest at our Conversation Club: the journalist Ester Athanasio. The purpose for her to join our club is that she has recently participated in the Young Leaders of the America Initiative (YLAI) program, in the United States.

She has shared her experience and inspired our studentes to go after their dreams and goals. Ester is the founder of the social communication agency DePropósito, from Curitiba, and she works on bringing good news to media outlets and the public eye all over Brazil.

"Our idea is to promote what is positive in our society through the work of social business", says Ester. "After my experience at YLAI, I have had the opportunity to expand my network and learn even more about what I can do in order to improve my work", she completes.

Our students were glad to have the chance to meet Ester and share with her their ideas. Thank you very much for the conversation, girl!

If you are interested about YLAI, click here to know more about the program. The applications for YLAI are open until September 18th.

Civic's Conversation Club is every Tuesday and Thurday, from 6.30 to 8.30 pm, at Civic Institute in Centro Cívico, in Curitiba.

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