Irish group Celtic Woman arrives in Curitiba

By Pilar Browne

This week the Irish foursome Celtic Woman arrives in Curitiba with the Ancient Land tour. They will perform on Thursday (22nd) and Friday (23rd) at 9 pm at Teatro Guaíra.

On stage, the young singers Mairéad Carlin, Éabha McMahon and Megan Walsh, and the violinist Tara McNeill, will celebrate the secular Irish tradition of storytelling through music, with themes such as earth, love and dance, with engaging songs that will bring to Curitiba a piece of Ireland.

They will be accompanied by spectacular dancers, accomplished bagpipers and a band that brings together the most renowned Irish musicians playing traditional Celtic instruments, including bodhran, Irish whistle, bouzouki and uilleann bagpipes.

Civic's team had the opportunity to interview one of the members, Tara Mcneill, and we could have a little preview of the group's expectations with their tour in Brazil. 

Pilar - What do you expect from your Brazilian tour?

Tara - I have always wanted to visit Brazil since I was little. When I joined the band, they told me that Brazil was one of the best places in the world that they have ever performed and that there is an incredible energy, electric atmosphere. They have also told me that the audience is extremely affectionate and lively. I am expecting all of that for sure!

Pilar - "Ancient Land" is your latest record with new songs. How did you come up with the idea of telling Irish tales/stories through music?

Tara - We seek to bring Celtic culture and storytelling through our music, and all of us who are part of Celtic Woman are very proud of it, to be able to share our history around the world through our songs. I think that one of the reasons for people keep listening to our songs is that we speak from our heart, we speak the truth, and people like honesty. We are sisters, and it shows in what we pass on to people. People from different countries love to hear about our history, where we come from and our culture.

Pilar - Are you preparing anything special for your concerts in Brazil?

Tara - This tour will be amazing. It will be a real journey for the audience, and we will also include our favorite songs, from the beginning of our career, which fans will surely love it!


Ancient Land - Concert featuring the Irish women's quartet Celtic Woman. August 22nd and 23rd, Thursday and Friday, at 9 pm, in Teatro Guaíra, Curitiba (Santos Andrade Square, no number).

Tickets cost R$ 480 (Premium Red audience), R$ 420 (Vip Blue audience), R$ 380 (Central Orange audience), R$ 360 (Yellow Side audience), R$ 320 (1st Purple counter), R$ 280 (1st Green Counter), R$ 260 (2nd Blue cunter) and R$ 220 (2nd Orange counter) - full price - + R$ 6 referring to the convenience fee charged by Disk Ingresso.