Eighteen years ago today, one of the biggest terrorist attacks of all time was taking place. The attack on the Twin Towers in New York certainly changed the course of the world's history and economy.

Certainly the scars on the families of the 3000 victims are irreparable. Today, September 11, 2019, countless honors are being made, and we at Civic would like to point out a great movie in memory of all those who sadly died after the tragedy.

The feature 11´09´´01 September 11 is made up of 11 different short films from 11 directors who bring 11 perspectives from different parts of the world about the bombing.

The directors are Samira Makhmalbaf (Iran), Claude Lelouch (France), Youssef Chahine (Egypt), Danis Tanovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Idrissa Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Ken Loach (United Kingdom), Alejandro González Iñárritu (Mexico), Amos Gitaï (Israel), Mira Nair (India), Sean Penn (United States) and Shohei Imamura (Japan).

The film is a good way to reflect on the various points of view that may arise about a historical fact. Different languages ​​and audiovisual elements broaden our interpretation of the facts of such a great tragedy.